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The Best Entertainment


If you want to create a unique atmosphere for your party try our LED Robot Show. Robots will perform a certain amount of songs with choreography then dance to entertain the crowd. As if that wasn’t enough…the Robots will pass out party favors which are those big long balloons that they will pass out during the presentation. For one hour, you can be sure this will be a game changer and will make your guests stand up, dance and have a remarkable experience!

Illuminate Your Event


We have the BEST LED dance floors in San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas. Light up your event with this customized LED dance floor and give the party “the life” that it so desires. This dance floor is sure to be a show stopper. No matter your event – quinceañeras, anniversaries, corporate events, or any other – SAPS Entertainment is here to take care of you.

Light Up Your Next Event In Style...


If you want to illuminate your party, we are the right people to talk to. We have DMX Power Wall Washers that will transform your party to another level. Our team of professionals can customize the lights to any color you like to get that sensational feeling you’ve imagined. With years of experience and countless events of all types, SAPS Entertainment’s lighting team is the leader of the industry in San Antonio, Texas. No matter what type of event you’re holding, we ensure you an enhanced, satisfying experience.

Don't Worry About The Sound...


Are you planning an event, and want a DJ that would vibrate with emotion? SAPS Entertainment has the best repertoire of hits of the moment to compliment your event and give your guests a night they will never forget.